Little Red Quilt House

Good friends are like Quilts. They age with you, yet never lose their warmth.


The Little Red Quilt House is a traditional quilt shop that offers traditional quilting fabrics, patterns and supplies.  Our mission is to share the art of quilting with women of all ages.  We want to help you learn quilting  with basic techniques for the beginner and more challenging techniques for the advanced quilters. 

For the beginners, we will teach you how to use a sewing machine, how to select quilting fabrics and quilt world vocabulary that may be unfamiliar to you. 

For the advanced quilters we will offer new and challenging quilting techniques and patterns.  We have many ideas to help you use the “stash” you have stored in your sewing room.

Our final goal is to serve the community in which we live.  Benevolence projects will be hosted monthly and all women are welcome to participate in the effort to help those in need of quilts.  Our goal is five quilts per month to the various organizations in need of our gifts.  All materials will be donated and this is a service project.

The house where all are welcome.